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Product Details:
Radio Shuttle Pallet Racking is a new generation of high density storage racking system which max your storage utilization and working efficiency. It is a high-density storage system composed of racking, radio shuttle and forklift; Radio shuttle running on the special rail, and can be increased or decreased to raise and lower the pallet cargo, and return it to position. The shuttle adopts radio remote control, and equipped with battery to provide power, and running forward and backward with four wheels. The This Rack is of high dense storage rack system with high investment cost. It suitable for storage of large quantities and single species of goods for FIFO or FILO. But there is special requirement for the bottom surface of the pallet. Space utilization rate can reach 80%.
Product Parameters of Radio Shuttle Pallet Racking:
NoItemBasic data
2Suitable palletWidth: 1200mm Depth锛?1000mm
3Maximum loading capacityMax 1500kg
4TravelSpeedNo load锛?1.0M/S, Full load锛?0.8M/S
Travelling acceleration<=0.5M/SA2
MotorChina's servo motor
Servo driveFD 133-CC
5Lift-upLift-up height35mm
MotorChina's DC motor with brush
6Position wayTravelling positionAbsolute Value Laser+Encoder+Photoelectric switch
Pallet positionAbsolute Value Laser+Encoder+Photoelectric switch
Lift-up positionProximity switch
7Goods testBackground suppression photoelectricity
8Control wayS7-1200 PLC programmable controller
9Remote controlOperating frequency is 433MHZ, the communication distance reaches 100M at least.
Two-way communication function, with LCD Screen
Temperature : -40掳C~+80掳C Protective class : IP 67
10Power supply wayLithium iron phosphate battery
11Battery parameter24V 60AH, Run time>=8H, Charging time 3.5H, It can be charged & discharged completely for 1000 times.
12Travelling control wayClosed-loop speed pattern control
13Run noise<=60db
14Environmental temperatureTemperature锛?0掳C銆?0掳C humidity锛?5%銆?5% (no condensation)
15Anti-collision deviceIt equips polyurethane buffer & anti-collision sensor at the terminal.
The features of Radio Shuttle Pallet Racking:
1. Efficient load and unload system, which ensures high accuracy.
2. Less operation time, greatly save labor cost.
3. High density and high utilization for warehouse storage.
4. Compatible with various sizes of pallets and large quantity but few types goods.
5. High work efficiency, greatly reduce operating time
6. Operating flexibility, the access of goods can be FIFO, can also be FILO
7. And good safety, reduce damage, improve safety productivity
Production Flow:
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